*Liv, the alleged mistress of Jay Z, is using up every second of her 15 minutes with yet another attempt to go after Beyonce…and now, Nicki Minaj as well.

She’s followed up her “Sorry Mrs. Carter” dis track with a fresh rant on Instagram, targeting both Bey and her “Flawless” remix partner Nicki Minaj. Liv maintains that she’s trying to teach the two women and their fans how to be “ladies.”

She posted the following:

Here is the caption she posted along with the above tweet:

This is the problem with OUR CULTURE when SOMEONE tries to come in and help the situation, we wanna resist their help and STAY COMPLACENT ….This is not a song, it’s a movement. I thought of a way to clarify the situation so there would be no more confusion #TheInvasion is what changed Nicki Minaj from geek to sheek and now will I’m working on changing all of her fans from stupid hoes into LADIES…. I love all my #Barbz #Beauties & #Beasts…..and I love all MY PEOPLE. IM HERE TO HELP…. Bey already knows what she’s dealing with, instead of making the situation worse she should be making more tracks about how to become a WIFE, NOT A BABY MOMMA #ImJustSayin #TheINVASIONhasBEGUN #ShutTheFuckUpForever #YesLIVcan