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*Jennifer Lopez is joining the summer club of booty artwork. Not that it took her any effort for her to get membership.

First Nicki Minaj and now J.Lo is showing off her “assets” as single artwork in a black and white swimsuit.

But it’s definitely appropriate for this single. Not for men and women to drool over her, but the song is called “Booty” after all.

To make the song even greater, she teamed up with longtime collaborator and fellow hit-maker Pitbull.

The 45-year-old beauty (who hasn’t aged a bit) finally made a song about what everyone and their mother have been raving about since the 1990s — embracing one of the most recognized celebrity backsides.

Nevertheless, the actress and singer is not her behind. She is a talented businesswoman after all, but there’s nothing wrong with her having a little fun. Since she got it; why not embrace it in a positive way.

Also like Minaj’s “Anaconda,” Lopez’s video preview looks like it’s going to be a showcase of “ultimate cake-shaking” AKA twerking!

Watch the teaser below: