evelyn lozada & jennifer williams

*Jennifer Williams isn’t too happy with folks taking her tweets and making them specifically about Evelyn Lozada.

Williams and Lozada fell out as stars of “Basketball Wives,” but Lozada admitted she had Williams on her mind.

Maybe, it was Williams’ timing with posting on Twitter about friendship and everyone assumed she was talking about Lozada reaching out to her.

“Y’all need to stop thinking everything I tweet is about a certain someone,” she wrote.

Williams plans to add the handle of the person she’s talking about from here on out.

“I’m going to @ the person so u knows it’s real if that’s the case,” she wrote.

Nevertheless, folks still feel like Lozada’s tweets were about Williams.  

Lozada tweeted, “holding grudges and being angry is not worth it. Tomorrow is not promised.” 

Fans are giving their support to the ladies and would really like to see them patch up their wounds.

“I really hope @iamjennifer & @EvelynLozada mend their relationship. It was sooooo much fun watching them both,” wrote one Twitter user.

Although, other fans know it’s not easy to mend an ex-friendship, but would also loved to see the ladies make up.

“I would love for @EvelynLozada and @iamjennifer to work things out,” wrote Twitter user #DIVAOpinionated. “I’ve been through it and it’s not an easy process!!”