*Jermaine Jackson is sticking up for his baby sister Janet Jackson — especially since folks should let that 2004 Super Bowl  nipple controversy go.

In case anyone reading this has been living under a rock, during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet’s pasty  — revealing her breast to millions of viewers.

But Jermaine is ready for the NFL to move on from it. The NFL blacklisted and banned Janet from the super bowl FOREVER.

TMZ broke the news to Jermaine that the NFL blacklisted his baby sister from ever performing at the super bowl again. His response, “are you serious? That sucks.”

“Who cares about Nipplegate?” Jermaine added — he called out the league for holding a grudge against Janet for ten years after her infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Jermaine warned the NFL about upsetting Ms. Jackson. She’s more powerful than ever being married to a billionaire!

Watch what Jermaine has to say below:

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