*”The T.A.M.I. Show concert with me and Chad,” was my favorite performance to shoot.

Nelsan Ellis stars as, Bobby Byrd, this Friday in “Get On Up,” Universal’s stellarly soulful James Brown biographical musical.

“We did the show back to back and sweated our tail feathers off,” explained Ellis. “Getting it done, take after take, after take…and in-between takes, we were still singing. We would just start singing by ourselves and then the musicians would play and we would sing again. It was just fun!

get on upJill Scott’s favorite performances occurred behind the scenes.

“When we would be off to the side, I really enjoyed watching Chad rehearse and sing to himself,” exclaimed Scott. “That man was really James Brown! Chad did that!”

get on upThe songstress who plays Brown’s wife, Deidre ‘Dee-Dee’ Jenkins, said audiences will be inspired and will definitely get all “funk’d up.”

“A lot of artist today use auto-tune,” declared the Philly native, “and maybe they have someone press play, when they go out on stage to perform. Brown’s story will give them a reason for new creativity. Even if they don’t want to learn how to play an instrument or learn how to sing a song, that rips your soul outta your chest!…Seeing Brown on a stage, singing, and dancing with that body and those movements!…You can’t help but to be inspired.”

get on upget on upMany of us in this generation don’t know his story, added Ellis.

“We don’t know his beginnings, we just know his end,” continued the Chicago native. “We just know the tragedy, the drama. This film is going to show how this man came from a place, and went to a place. You are going to see how great he was, how triumphant, determined, all the obstacles, all the walls he kicked down, and all the mountains he climbed.”

“Get On Up” and go see the critically acclaimed film this weekend!