jill scott essence september cover

*As it stands now, Jill Scott’s life mirrors her hit song “Golden” as she displays her new hourglass figure on the cover of the September 2014 issue of Essence magazine (available starting today).

The singer-actress, who can currently be seen playing James Brown’s second wife Deidre “Deedee” Jenkins in the film “Get On Up,” opened up about losing 63 pounds as well as the new guy (her son ) in her life.

“My only job is to be happy,” Scott said.” So for everybody that cares about me and is not trying to be all up in a celebrity’s business, just know that I’m happy. My son is happy. We enjoy our lives.

As for her weight loss, the entertainer made an interesting comparison that sums up her journey towards a slimmer version of her

“I’m a wood-burning stove; it’s a slow brew,” she said about how long it took her to drop the weight.

On the acting side, Scott admitted to focusing on approaching certain scenes with some sensitivity. In addition to being Brown’s second wife, Jenkins was often on the receiving end of physical abuse doled out by the music legend.

“We had to approach it very gingerly,” Scott said of scenes where her character was abused. “The family is definitely involved in this film, and we didn’t want this to be the highlight of his existence… There’s so much more to this man, and when we approached this particular scene where there was some spousal abuse we were very careful about it because we don’t want to taint this man’s image or his legacy.”

The September 2014 issue of Essence, featuring Jill Scott, hits newsstands today.