Joan Rivers arrives at LAX. (July 30, 2014)

Joan Rivers arrives at LAX.
(July 30, 2014)

*On Tuesday, she was in rare form on her E! show “Fashion Police” ripping apart red carpet looks from the Emmy and VMA shows. Today, Joan Rivers is hospitalized in critical condition.

The comedian was rushed to Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Medical Center Thursday morning after she stopped breathing during an operation on her throat, a family source to the New York Daily News.

According to TMZ, the 81-year-old was having a procedure done on her vocal chords in a clinic when she stopped breathing during the surgery. Her daughter Melissa is on her way to New York, the website reported.

Emergency medical help was dispatched to 201 E. 93rd St. at 9:40 a.m., with the patient in “cardiac and respiratory arrest” at the scene, the FDNY reported.

“We are scared,” the Daily News quoted of its source. “This is not looking good. No big medical decisions will be made until Melissa arrives.”

“She’s not conscious, but she’s stable,” said Joan’s assistant Graham Reed.

But the family source said friends were gathering Thursday inside Rivers’ apartment.

“She would want us all to laugh,” the source said. “But at the moment, we are all praying.”