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*In response to the Nigerian crisis, John Legend and the Burkle Global Impact Initiative established #OperationGirl to help organizations around the globe that support girls.

Just a few days ago, we were excited and grateful to learn that Jenesse Center was chosen to participate as a beneficiary under this platform. We have a challenge to raise $100,000 with a deadline of August 18th to support Jenesse’s mission.

Esteemed Jenesse board member, Avis Frazier-Thomas said:

“I truly believe that folks underestimate their ability to make a difference in the lives of others. Each one. Reach one. Let’s spread the word. Please join our cause because with your help….WE CAN DO THIS!”

With your help of donations and spreading the word through your social media platforms, we are confident we can meet this challenge for the women, girls and families we serve.

#operation girl

Since 1980, Jenesse has been helping women and girls in South Los Angeles ─ and surrounding communities ─ to escape and overcome the trauma of domestic violence. Through our comprehensive, holistic service approach to domestic violence intervention, Jenesse seeks to remove every conceivable barrier to overcoming the effects of domestic abuse and breaking the cycle of violence that ensnares so many women and girls in our community.

Current programming includes emergency shelter services; transitional living program; mental health counseling; vocational education programs and services; case management; in-house legal services; on-site childcare and children’s enrichment programs, and more. Jenesse provides a nurturing and supportive environment where our clients recover and become empowered to put the pieces of their lives back together.

C.S. is a young woman who entered our program with her mother and brother to escape her mother’s abusive partner. Like many families we assist, C.S. and her family came to us hopeless and shattered because of the abuse and violence they had suffered. C.S. was in danger of derailing her own future by repeating the cycle of abuse that she had witnessed her mother endure. However, through the supportive, caring, holistic services we provided, C.S. and her family graduated our program renewed, complete, and strengthened.

Jenesse Center has been trailblazing new and successful approaches to domestic violence intervention and prevention since its inception nearly 35 years ago. Early on, we learned that shelter alone is simply not enough. In order to permanently break the cycle of violence in the lives of girls and young women, we must address those underlying factors such as lack of educational and employment opportunities, immigration status, poor self-esteem, dysfunctional family dynamics, and generational family violence that, without redress, leave women and girls vulnerable to abuse. Jenesse has discovered that by providing comprehensive programs within an environment that heals and nurtures minds and spirits broken by violence, women can overcome the effects of domestic violence and lead the lives they envision for themselves and their children.

The funds raised through the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge will be used to support and expand the following Jenesse Center programs that are specifically focused on the mental and emotional health of the women and girls receiving our services:
1. Jenesse Mothers and Children (“JMAC”) program
2. Jenesse Life and Style Fashion Center (“Style Center”)
3. BeSo YOU!
4. Jenesse Teen Angels
5. Girl Talk ─ Youth Conversations.

#OperationGirl $100,000 Challenge

2,000 People x $50=$100,000
1,000 People x $100= $100,000
500 People x $200= $100,000
200 People x $ 500= $100,000
100 People x $1000=$100,000

You have more power than you think. What you give and who you tell will make an impact! We CAN do this!


Click Here to Meet the #OperationGirl $100,000 Challenge for Jenesse



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