kevin levar (your destiny cover)

*One Church International pulls in the best gospel talent and big names like Mali Music, Michelle Williams, and now Kevin LeVar and One Sound.

No stranger to the industry, LeVar wowed the world with his hot single, “A Heart That Forgives” from his debut album Let’s Come Together. Shockingly, he shared with EUR associate, LaCora Stephens, that it was actually a sleeper for him.

“I almost didn’t put it on the record because of its vulnerability.”

Thank God he did place it on the CD because it impacted so many people.

As Kevin shared his journey of making “Your Destiny” at his pre-release CD concert, he exclaimed that his single is truly the Heart that Forgives of the sophomore record.

“It really says, regardless of where you are, how long you’ve been waiting, when God makes a promise He always makes it good, so hold on and don’t let go.” He continued, “Both records have a purpose; I sing with a purpose, if I’m not singing with purpose I may as well do secular music.”

People came out in droves to experience the eclectic sound that appeals to different cultures. His style and content penetrates the heart of the people. Not to mention, “They are bathed in prayer” according to Kevin. Special guests included Devon Franklin of Sony Films, Dr. Holly Carter of “Preachers of LA” and one special guest even took his first flight to experience the angelic voice anointed by God…his baby boy! His wife Shondale LeVar appeared with her Destiny shirt in high spirits and support.

Watch the interview below and hear some of LeVar’s musical influences along with his authentic approach to song writing, you may be shocked by his line by line procedure. You must get out and purchase this CD; the anointing is on Kevin LeVar.

“Waters will break. People that have been pregnant with purpose and promise and destiny for years will find breakthrough.”

You have to get excited about that! More info here: