kobe bryant

*NBA fans aren’t the only ones anticipating the upcoming basketball season. NBA veteran Kobe Bryant is looking forward to his grand return as well.

Bryant didn’t really get any shine last season. He only played in a total of six games.

This is due to him breaking a bone in his left knee, but he is ready and excited about making a return to the LA Lakers.

“I can’t wait to return to my duties on the court. I feel like a race horse that has been locked in a barn for months. I want to get out.”

Since December 2013, Bryant has been rehabbing his knee and getting his head in the game. He acknowledged he doesn’t have that much time left to shine in the game.

“I know that my career is approaching its end. I know that as an athlete I have to prepare for life after the sport,” Bryant confirmed.

He added, “sure I have fear of life without basketball. This is completely normal. But I’m a person that likes to set new challenges in life.”

Critics of the Lakers believe he is going to have quite some challenges next season — with his recovered knee and the team’s current roster.