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*It’s been a fun, but bumpy season for celebrity hairstylist China Upshaw.

In an exclusive interview with partner the LA Hair cast member reveals that viewers are seeing a side of her that isn’t completely accurate.  Find out what the REAL issue is between her and cast mate Angela Stevens and why there are so many brawls this season. 

theJasmineBRAND: L.A. Hair has been an eventful time this season, what would you say would be one of the things that you didn’t like about what you saw so far?

China: Uh, the fact that they are portraying me to be a crazy person. I’m not crazy…maybe a little sensitive.

theJasmineBRAND: What has been one of the hardest things for you to watch?

China: This last episode, because I was trying not to cry and I said that I’m trying not to cry and that I’m imagining myself at DisneyLand with the tall man, but all I said was ‘I’m at Disney Land with the Tall Man’ , so it sounded looney and crazy ya know.

theJasmineBRAND: Now, we’ve seen a lot of physical fights on the show this year more than any other season, why do you think that’s happened?

China: Well, I think we all are getting to that point were we’ve reached our breaking point. We’re just tired of talking and now its action and now we have a new cast member whose patience is shorter than a lot of ours.

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