marlene pinnock,

*An LA woman, Marlene Pinnock, thought she was going to die when she was attacked by a California Highway Patrolman. He repeatedly punched her head on the side of a LA freeway.

She did her first interview with the Associated Press since the July 1 incident was caught on video.

She was released from the hospital just last week. She spent several weeks in the hospital for treatment of her head injuries. Now she has a slurred speech due to the injuries.

“He grabbed me, he threw me down, he started beating me, he beat me. I felt like he was trying to kill me, beat me to death,” Pinnock said.

She is suing CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow and Officer Daniel L. Andrew for violating her civil rights. The officer used excessive force, assault, battery and violated her due process rights. 

The officer is now on desk duty until the investigation is complete. The CHP said Pinnock was walking on interstate 10 and the officer was trying to restrain her.

Pinnock had been homeless for the last three to five years and occasionally stayed at the Los Angeles Mission. Also, she stayed at a family member’s home in LA. She was on her way to a place to sleep when the incident happened.

Andrew put her on psychiatric hold after the incident. He said “upon contacting the subject she was talking to herself. The subject began telling me ‘I want to walk home’ and called me ‘the devil.’ The subject then tried to walk into traffic lanes.”

“If in fact she did call him the devil is secondary to the fact that he proved to be either the devil or a close relative,” Pinnock’s attorney Caree Harper said. “Because he treated her in a manner nobody should ever be treated.”

CHP investigators seized Pinnock’s medical records and the clothing she wore during the incident. Harper was disappointed in the lack of doctor-patient privacy and the violation of attorney-client privilege.