*”It’s not a cop comedy!”

“Let’s Be Cops” starring Damon Wayans Jr., Jake Johnson and Rob Riggle is the latest buddy cop movie hitting theaters August 13. The comical cast sat down with EUR associate Fahnia Thomas and bantered about the Luke Greenfield film.

Lets be cops“The characters just dress like cops,” shared Johnson, “it’s not a cop comedy!”

Wayans and Johnson are two struggling friends who turn their costume party ensembles into a fake day job.

Lets be copsEUR: If you had real law enforcement powers for one day what would you do?

Wayans: I would be dumping wherever I wanted. Dropping heat (going poop) in the aisles of grocery stores! I would go through a lot of red lights and give old people tickets for crossing the street too slow. And I wouldn’t wait in line, I’d put my high beams on at In-N-Out.

Johnson: I would speed! Living in L.A. with all this traffic, I would put my lights on and make everyone move to the side, so I could get anywhere I wanted to get really fast.

Riggle: I would walk through the grocery store and eat whatever I wanted.

Lets be copsEUR: In the film, women are throwing themselves at you because you are wearing a uniform. What professional uniform are you attracted to?

Wayans: I like a lady in uniform. I’ve seen a couple of attractive female police officers.

Lets be copsEUR: Why should audiences go see “Let’s Be Cops?”

Riggle: Its super funny and loaded with hilarious laugh out loud moments but it also has great action. It gets dangerous. A lot of times you’ll have little laughs, here and there but there are some stakes in this movie.

Lets be copsEUR: What was it like working together?

Johnson: Doing the action scenes was really fun. It fun watching Rob come in as a bad ass. We’ve all worked together a lot doing comedies, so having the three of us doing an action scene felt like an unique experience.

“Let’s Be Cops” will be released on Thursday, August 13th.

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