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*If you missed it, on the season finale of “Love and Hip Hop AtlantaStevie J apologized to Mimi Faust, but she’s not sure if he’s sincere.

However, between Stevie and Nikko Smith, Faust is questioning her taste in men altogether.

Nevertheless, Faust’s friend Ariane Davis suggest she needed an apology from Stevie at the beginning of the season, which the lack thereof caused her irrational behavior.

“What that was was just what it was at that moment. An apology is only real to me if your actions back it up. If his actions don’t back up what he’s saying, then it’s all for nothing,” Faust told Sister 2 Sister. “Words are just words unless you back your actions up.”

When it comes to her most current ex-boyfriend and sex tape co-star Smith, she has nothing to say to him.

“Whatever business that him and I had has not been discussed at all. It will have to be somewhere in the future at some point,” she said. “I’ve had no contact with him.”

“LHHATL” fans and critics question Faust’s ability to pick men. But she’s no better at it than anyone else.

“Who out here is perfect? If every woman out here was so great at picking a man, every woman would be married; every woman would be in a perfect relationship. Get outta here,” she said.

She added, “Don’t point the finger at me. Look inside yourself…Everybody out here is not a great judge of character or pick the right person all the time.”

Nevertheless she admitted she’s terrible at picking men, “I admit that. I’m horrible at it,” she said. “And what?”



‘LHHATL’ Star Mimi Faust Opens Up About Her Horrible Taste in Men