*Days after Nicki Minaj’s rhyme on Beyonce’s “Flawless” remix hit the street, Lil Kim has decided to rap on the “Flawless” remix as well – without even being asked.

The original “Queen Bee” – who sported the nickname long before Beyonce was crowned “Queen B” – took advantage of Nicki Minaj’s reference  to Bey in the song (“the queen of rap, slaying with Queen B”) as an invitation to jump in.

“Am I trippin’ or did this hoe just say my name?” Kim begins on her version, titled, “Flawless (Remix) [Nicki Minaj Diss].”

Who spit the best?

Listen to both below (FYI: Kim allows the original version to play until Nicki Minaj mentions “Queen B,” then the song literally screeches to a halt for her added verse.)