Lorraine Toussaint*At age 50, Lorraine Toussaint has ventured out into unknown territory with baring all for a steamy nude scene in the second season of “Orange Is The New Black.”

And while she knocked the scene out and did it, the actress admits that she hasn’t seen the scene. Until now.

“Oh dear,” Toussaint said when HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani showed her footage of the scene during their interview on Friday. While seeing the scene for the first time was an eye opener, Toussaint admits that she did some preparation prior to the scene by letting a close friends weigh in on the situation.

“I had a couple of girlfriends and a couple of my gay guy friends take a look at the girls,” she said. “And I just went for it.”

Toussaint’s willingness to shoot the scene came after the entertainer thought of “a million different ways to film this [scene] clothed.” However, Toussaint said, it turned out that “none of it made sense. This character would never have done that.”

Instead of people calling her “brave” for appearing nude, Toussaint feels the attention paid to her taking it all off later in life is evidence of the unhealthy cultural obsession with youth.

“It’s very American, isn’t it? Because in America, certainly in Hollywood, it’s about youth and it’s about the glorification of the young body, the firm body, the teenage, post-teenage, early-20s body,” she told HuffPost Live. “It’s also about being stick thin. It doesn’t actually reflect the way women’s bodies actually look or how women’s bodies actually mature.”

For Lorraine Toussaint’s reaction to her “OITNB” nude scene, check out the video below. WARNING: the scene contains brief nudity.

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