*EURweb partner  is reporting that Ludacris (real name Christopher Brian Bridges) is worried that confidential documents will be leaked to the public and it will cause him severe harm to his business and also his reputation and he is pleading with a judge to NOT make him share them in a ongoing legal battle.

The 36-year-old rapper/actor has been battling a man named Demitri Brown, who sued the rapper claiming he was infringing on his copyright by using Disturbing The Peace for his record label and other endeavors.


The legal battle has been going on for years. Brown filed docs asking for Luda to be sanctioned for not handing over documents that he thinks will help him win his case against the rapper.

Visit to find out why Ludacris’ says this case could cause him “annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, [and] undue burden [and] expense.”