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*Los Angeles, CA.  – Marcus “Big Spence” Spencer is becoming quite the buzz in the entertainment circle. Having acted and produced films since 2006, Big Spence recently found success in writing and directing his own film, “Set Me Free.”

“Set Me Free” premiered at the Oakland International Film Festival this past April 2014.  Since then the film has been accepted into several other film festivals across the United States. Big Spence is ecstatic with the outstanding reception he is getting towards his film.

Currently “Set Me Free” is slated to be shown at the “Independent Film Quarterly Film Festival” on August 15th in Los, Angeles, California. Directly after that showing Big Spence will hop on a plane to Vancouver, Washington for another showing of “Set Me Free”on August 16th at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival.

Big Spence wrote “Set Me Free” loosely based on his own life experience. Spence cast four lead males (including himself) who portray different aspects of life that he himself had to live through. The other male leads Alphonso Thomspson, Alan ‘AWAL’ Walker and Skipper Elekwachi did a phenomenal job portraying their characters.

Big Spence was able to direct them in just the right manner to bring out the essence of each character he envisioned. Each individual character brought a specific message to the film which was important to Spencer.  Big Spence believes education is very important, as well as the fact life itself is filled with lessons. When writing this film and any other films he’s written in the past, he makes sure he projects good, moral and educating lessons that the audience can walk away with. Having the opportunity to direct “Set Me Free” himself, gave him the opportunity to work with his cast and ensure his messages could be portrayed on the screen, as well as deliver quality performance. His intention was to ‘edutain’ the audience; educate and entertain. The film is filled with drama, challenges, struggles, love and choices.  He wants his audiences to experience laughter, tears but most of all to experience thought.

“Set Me Free” is currently slated to show at the Independent Quarterly Film Festival in Los Angeles, California on August 15th.  Big Spence plans to be in attendance to answer audience questions and sign autographs both in Los Angeles and Vancouver, Washington.

Tickets for the L.A  event can be found on  For information on dates, times and venues to see “Set Me Free” please visit Big Spence’s film page at



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