*Martin Lawrence made it official Wednesday night that he and Will Smith are returning for a third installment of their lucrative “Bad Boys” franchise.

“I believe so. Yes. I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer,” Lawrence told “Conan” host Conan O’Brien regarding the rumors. “He said it’s real, they’re working on a script, they’re close and it all looks good.”

“Bad Boys” (1995) and its sequel — 2003’s Bad Boys II – starred Lawrence and Will Smith as detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey.

bad boys 3

Watch below:

In Lawrence’s new interview Wednesday, he also referenced the time in 1999 when he slipped into a three-day coma after jogging in 100-degree heat while wearing several layers of heavy clothing.

“Oh no, I don’t do that no more, I did that and I went into a coma and passed out so please, I recommend, ‘Do not run in a plastic suit,'” he said about his current fitness techniques. “Do not do that.”

So what’s the “difference” now with Lawrence, who Conan remarked is currently “looking good”?

“Crack,” he deadpanned. “I’m just working out, exercising every now and then … and just eating right.”