mathew knowles

*He’s gone from manager to professor. Mathew Knowles will be teaching a course at Houston Community College September 13 called, “The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?”

Knowles will provide his classroom with the tools to break into the industry. 

He might not be doing too well in his personal life, but he definitely knows the business behind the music industry — after spending 22 years in it.

For all his faults, Knowles is credited as the brains behind the success  Destiny’s Child — one of the most popular R&B/pop girl groups of all time.

He also, at one time, managed the careers of daughters Beyonce and Solange.

He did all of this after quitting a sales job in corporate America, which he was successful in.

But he was successful in the music industry as well, which isn’t only hard to break into, but hard to be successful in.

Although, Knowles career as a manager is seemingly over. He owns a record label and recording studio,  private event space, and an exotic car rental  company, too.

The course costs $295 ($350 at the door). It will teach the students the crazy ins and outs of the music industry: managing, producing, talent promotion, music recording and distribution. (This sounds like a full semester course).

Knowles, a Fisk University grad, took business courses at HCC when he first got started in the music industry. That seemed to pay off.