ziggy tie pice

*The Ziggi Tie Piece will help men look their best!

The Ziggi Tie Piece is designed to control your necktie so it’s not flying, swaying or turning your tie clips.

It gives you the confidence of knowing your tie is straight and you are presenting best image. The Ziggi Tie Piece is easy to put on, it slides in the tie label and hooks to the shirt.

Everyone is wearing a Ziggi, actors, corporate execs, news anchors, professionals, but mostly men with style. To help you get your swag ready for September, Back to School or new job, we are offering Free Fast Shipping for limited time. When your appearance is important, the Ziggi Tie Piece will keep your look together. Get your Ziggis online at www.ziggitiepiece.com.

george howard - ziggy

George Howard shows off his unique invention, the Ziggy Tie Clip

“Men have always had problems with swaying and flying ties, so we keep our jacket buttoned. The Ziggi Tie Piece solves those problems,” says its inventor, George Howard. “Also, some men wear tie clips, but the tie clips turn from pulling on shirt as we move. Again, Ziggi to the rescue. Keep your bling by wearing your tie clip on necktie only and wear your Ziggi to control your tie. When eyes are on you, have the confidence of knowing your tie is in place.”

Don’t leave any special occasion to chance; let the Ziggi control your tie while you enjoy the moment. Look your best! Every man should have one Ziggi Tie Piece. Also ‘Like it’ at www.facebook.com/ziggitiepiece and Twitter https://twitter.com/ziggitiepiece.


George R. Howard
[email protected]