michael jackson - the lie becomes the truth (book cover)

*Finally for the first time ever told! The Rise and Fall of the King!

From the critically acclaimed author, Phoenix, comes his follow up masterpiece  – “Michael Jackson : The Lie Becomes the Truth” – that exposes the lies, the cover-up, and the truth about the world of entertainment’s most controversial, most famous artist, Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.

The long-awaited, tell-all book reveals all the deep, dark grim secrets, the truth, the pain, the lies, their shameful inner workings, all there is to know about the infamous Jacksons.

Phoenix obtained his invaluable information from Jackson family members themselves and sources closest to and directly connected within the Jacksons camp.

The cold hard truth about the allegations against the King of Pop will be revealed as the most controversial cases in entertainment history.

Was it a plot of conspiracy, murder or suicide that killed Michael Jacksons?

Never before has a book been written on the entire Jackson family, exposing the whole shocking truth.

According to Phoenix, “it’s time that the world knows the truth!”

This highly anticipated, eye-opening, tell-all book features never-before-seen or printed photos of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family for the first time ever!

Also featured in the book a special added Bonus! For the first time ever published inside the book, the short story entitled, “Michael Jackson – Who are you?”

The new book is scheduled for release August 29, 2014, worldwide! Stay tuned for the premiere of the four (4) part video promotion beginning August 5, 2014, to be seen on YouTube at MJLiesAndTruth and other media outlets around the world.

Phoenix, the Jackson family expert, author of the applauded book entitled, Touched by the Jacksons, about the world famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, and a longtime friend and former spokesperson for the Jackson Family, has also managed one of the famous Jackson brothers, Tito Jackson

Phoenix, who has been interviewed by countless news outlets across the globe, including BBC, MTV, ABC News, EURweb, Gigwise, PR Newser, The Post Chronicle, etc., is highly revered as an author, a PR consultant, a music historian and a man who speaks volumes about the world of the infamous Jacksons.


Kristine Carpello
Media Relations
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