michael strahan & nicole murphy

*Obviously Michael Strahan was aware of his split with Nicole Murphy. Duh!

On the other hand he was clueless that someone would leak the news to the media at the very time he was entering the NFL Hall of Fame.

Oh my, what a low down thing to do.

And folks in Michael’s camp are convinced that Nicole or someone close to her was trying to ruin the biggest moment of his career.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ Sports the break up has been a long time coming … Michael and Nicole had actually broken off their engagement several weeks ago. But we’re told there was no plan — certainly not on Michael’s side — to announce it before his induction into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

As it turned out, Michael was right in the middle of receiving his official HOF yellow blazer when the story came out … according to our sources.

We’re told several people close to Michael think the timing was extremely suspect.

Even though the break up news somewhat overshadowed his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction on Saturday, Strahan apparently dusted himself off and celebrated well into Sunday morning. And oh yes, you may recall, he opened his speech by emphatically stating: “This has been the best weekend of my life.”

michael strahan & hof bust

Michael Strahan and his Hall of Fame bust