mike brown riot looting
*(Via Newsy) – What started as a candlelight vigil for Michael Brown, the unarmed Missouri teen shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend, spiraled out of control into a full-fledged riot Sunday night.

Around 300 police officers from surrounding communities responded as mobs looted at least a dozen businesses and burned a gas station to the ground in Ferguson.

“We don’t think that anybody was actually shot, however all night our guys were hearing shots being fired.”

The rioting is being portrayed, in part, as a boiling-over of anger at Ferguson Police over Brown’s death.

Late Saturday and all day Sunday, the city saw protests and marches in the St. Louis suburb, with some in the crowds reportedly chanting “kill the police.” (Video via CBS)

They accuse the unnamed officer of shooting Brown after he had submitted to an arrest. That differs significantly from the police department’s story.

“Within the police car, there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon.” …

“Hands in the air, being compliant, he gets shot in his face and chest and goes down and dies.”

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