*It looks like “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust has finally seen the error of her ways after dating and filming a sex tape with Nikko Smith.

Faust found out her lover boy is actually a married man. Stunned by finding out the truth, she called herself stupid based on her recent decision-making.

I made some stupid, idiotic & impulsive decisions & I own that,” Mimi wrote on Twitter as the latest episode aired. “At this point I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.”

Faust defended and stood by her man throughout the course of their relationship — believing his claim their sex tape was stolen — a story he’s still telling.

She begun to believe her friends who said Smith didn’t have her best interest in mind.

How thirsty can a grown man be? I would expect it from some of these desperate women these days but a man?” she tweeted with the hashtag #ThotWays.

Smith only answered the question because he was directly asked. Nevertheless, he claimed he is able to date other women even though he’s married. Yet he has no plans to divorce his wife.

I’m being honest with you. That’s the love I got for you,” said Nikko. “I wanted to tell you when I wanted to tell you, which was never, but I didn’t lie to you. The question was never asked until now.”

Watch the clip from “LHHATL” below: