Mimi Faust

*From heartbreak of her father’s death, public scrutiny surrounding her sex tape and drama with the father of her child (Stevie J), “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust has a lot to say. Not to mention her boyfriend (Nikko) hiding a HUGE secret.

 In an exclusive interview with media partner theJasmineBRAND.com, Mimi opens up about all of the above.

Were there any warning signs Nikko was married? Does she believe the sex tape was leaked by Nikko? Is she concerned by reports that her child’s father Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez abuse drugs?

Read a few excerpts.

Mimi Faust: I discovered about his marriage actually on MediaTakeOut, and I didn’t believe it at first because MTO prints a lot of things that aren’t true but something said let me just ask him because I’m getting a lot of phone calls and stuff. So, I just said this stuff on MTO and I came to him just so matter of fact and he just came out and was like ‘yea, sure I’m married’ What?!?
Mimi Faust: I’ll tell you what was very odd. The year before when Erica and I went to the psychic and the psychic said ‘The guy that you’re with is married’ now…I didn’t know if she was talking about Stevie, and I wasn’t with Stevie but he is my daughter’s father and it never occurred to me that it was Nikko, so I just assumed that she was talking about Stevie but the psychic did tell me that. It never occurred to me to ask Nikko so, No.
Mimi Faust: As far as the tape is concerned, the tape and bag was stolen and I don’t know, that bag did not come off the plane so I really cannot point my finger at him 100%. Yes, the footage that Vivid Entertainment had was a tape that Nikko and I made that was the one we did in privacy and the one that was out of our possession and Vivid received the tape  and now that I know how this works, it has to be certain amount of minutes to sell the tape and what they had was not. So, they required additional footage for it to be a certain amount of minutes. Initially, they had us by ourselves trying to get them the additional footage but it wasn’t they needed to sell and we did this twice on our own…So, they had to send it in to get what they needed, that’s where that came from and this was after we had both signed on, agreed to and everything else. They said we need that, we need this, I was under contract and we had to give them what they needed at that point.
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