Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon*”Don’t believe everything you hear” is apparently the moral surrounding comments made by Missouri governor Jay Nixon D-Mo. on Tuesday.

The executive’s call for ““a vigorous prosecution,” in the wake of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting was misinterpreted, according to a spokesman for Nixon, who added that Gov. Nixon isn’t calling for the officer who killed Brown, Darren Wilson, to be prosecuted for the unarmed teen’s murder.

“The governor’s comments yesterday were not intended to indicate prejudgment in this matter,” Nixon press secretary Scott Holste said in an e-mailed statement.

Rather, he says, “The governor used the term ‘prosecution’ to refer to all duties and responsibilities of the prosecuting attorney, including the exercise of prosecutorial discretion; whether and what evidence to present to the grand jury; the filing of criminal charges if supported by the evidence; representing the state if charges are brought; and ultimately ensuring that justice is served.”

Needless to say, Nixon’s opponents took advantage of the slip up.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see a man elected to an office that high in our state government, the chief executive of Missouri state government, come out with a statement like that that does prejudge the case,” Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, told Fox News.

As it stands now, a grand jury is currently evaluating evidence in the shooting. The results of the evaluation may possibly lead to state charges against Wilson. On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson Wednesday amid the possibility of federal civil rights charges being handed down.

To see footage from the press conference, check out the video below: