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*Andrea Kelly‘s ex-husband Brian McKee moved on from one VH1 star to another. Is he dating “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Momma Dee now?!

As we reported, Kelly quickly married her “God-fearing man” and even quicker, divorced him after she found out he cheated and used other women for money!

And why would Momma Dee want a man like that?! Hmm… knowing her she seems like the boy-toy type!

Nevertheless, Dee hinted at her and McKee being an item. She tweeted a pic with McKe, “Finally my king @B_crispy1 :).”

And then she added, “inquiring minds wants to know he’s divorce and so am I. ….”

But McKee is definitely an opportunist, and this could even have publicity stunt written all over it.

He’s insisting  they are just good friends. No publicity stunt, no opportunities and no dating. Mmm hmm…

“People in this world is so crazy! Its unreal how people think! People love to think the worst about people. smdh,” he posted. “People need to get a life and stop speaking on things they have no idea about.u need to know a person before u open ya mouth!”

But then he acknowledged how Momma Dee can get attention: “my good friend @ThaRealMommaDee really knows how to get people’s attention!lol [crying tears emoji#calmdown.