joy reid - voter challenge

*MSNBC anchor Joy Reid did the popular ALS ice bucket challenge for the organization dedicated to fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Nevertheless, she used the popular challenge not only to raise awareness about ALS, but an American issue — voting.

Reid’s challenge to people is registering to vote. Also, she encouraged voters to get at least one friend to register to vote as well, instead of challenging her colleagues to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

“I … want to use this opportunity to highlight an issue that’s very important to me and I think should be very important to everyone. And that is voting.

She added, “so, not just voting for the president, not just voting for a United States Senator, I’m talking about voting for everything at the municipal level that really impacts your life.”

She wants folks to vote behind the presidential election, but to vote on the municipal level.

“That’s your mayor,” she continued, “your school board, your judges, your prosecutor, the people who really impact your daily life.”

She challenged everyone to find someone that’s not registered to vote and have them register to vote by Labor Day.

Watch Reid’s ice bucket challenge below: