tamron hall

*Last week, phantom rapper Your Old Droog (believed to be Nas) released a song called “On the News” dedicated to Tamron Hall.

Hall responded to the song via Twitter. She re-tweeted the link to the song and replied with, “Thx??” 

Nevertheless, Hall is a hip-hop fan. She talked about her love for Texas rap and the song in her honor with theGrio.

“My producers told me about it over the weekend,” she said about the song. “I had them prescreen it for me (laughs) and of course in begins with profanity. But it was good.”

And she made it clear she is a fan of not only the song, but hip-hop in general. “Definitely. Most people don’t know I listen to a lot of hip-hop.”

And what’s on Hall’s playlist? She is from Texas, so she bumps a lot of southern rap. “I’m from Dallas, Texas. So it’s alot of old school UGK, Bun B and of course Scarface.”

Hall, being the journalist she is, heard about the rumors Your Old Droog is actually iconic rapper Nas.

“I heard that too! If it is, then it makes sense. My team and I were supposed to catch his next show here in New York City,” she said.

But if she could change anything about the song it would be its profanity.

“Yes, I enjoyed “On The News,” but I just would like a clean version so I could play it for my nieces (laughs),” she said.