*Although they are still “together” in marriage and on tour, Beyoncé and Jay Z might as well be apart, in light of MTV’s request for the diva to open its annual video music awards (Aug 24) without her husband.

According to a source, the channel wants Bey to perform a mix of hits from her self-titled album, “Beyoncé.”

“Bey is going to be all over the show,” the source shared with The NY Daily News. “MTV is still working everything out, but they want her to open the show with a big production, which has still not been announced.”

To heighten anticipation for the performance, Columbia Records and MTV are working on getting Beyoncé to shoot a few videos to promote the possible appearance, the Daily News reports, as efforts are well underway to make this happen.

bey & jay

Beyoncé is sitting pretty with eight VMA nominations this year, including one for Video of the Year for her Jay Z-assisted hit “Drunk in Love.” The singer’s possible solo performance is raising eyebrows among those who are guessing whether a VMA opener with just Beyoncé was requested by MTV or Queen Bey herself. The VMA situation is the latest in the continuing saga involving the songstress and Jay Z, who are caught in continuous chatter surrounding a pending split as Beyoncé is reportedly apartment hunting without Jay.

“It’s still being worked out,” the source said about the progress of getting Bey fully on board with the promotional videos and solo set. “Everyone at Columbia is scurrying around to make things happen. But judging by the amount of awards she was nominated for and her past history with the show announcing her pregnancy, it’s a pretty safe bet.”

“MTV wants her and they want her solo,” the source added.

Check out the MTV VMAs August 24 @ 9pm ET/PT on MTV.