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*There are moments in music when you know there’s magic.

One of those moments came the first time I heard Kindred the Family Soul’s “A Couple Friends”; its piano arrangement allows Aja and Fatin to unpack the layers of their relationships and be completely vulnerable to one another.

That vulnerability translated into the standout track on the album bearing its name. The moving, heartfelt lyrics have the appeal of love letters being shared between the two, especially for us.

It’s only fitting that the accompanying video is magical in its treatment as well; the highlight of specific lyrics, the photos that show their family growing through the years and the appearance by Valerie Simpson lend themselves to making this video special. It’s that appearance on piano towards the end of the song by Mrs. Simpson that transcends both song and video, taking the moment and making it a memory, because our hearts ache for her in the absence of husband Nickolas Ashford. Ashford & Simpson are synonymous with love songs, as are Aja and Fatin Dantzler. This song, this video, this album continues to place Kindred the Family Soul among the greatest scribes of love known to rhythm and melody.

10570511_10152575556734731_5215088915491262547_nThe video for “A Couple Friends” is part of a short film that will premiere later this summer, as Kindred continue their summer tour with stops in Atlanta, Charlotte, Trenton and this coming Saturday for “Kindred the Family Reunion.”

This Saturday’s event is part of a community event presented by State Representative Jordan A. Harris, also featuring Jazmine Sullivan, Jaguar Wright and a host of artists reppin’ the 215.

Check out the video for “A Couple Friends,” then call your local radio station and dedicate the song to the one you love:

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