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*A snake is a snake and it will bite you. Guaranteed. That’s what snakes do.

A dancer rehearsing with Nicki Minaj for her appearance on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards found that fact the hard way when she was bitten by a snake, reports TMZ.

The LA County fire department says the snake that did the deed is a six foot long Boa constrictor and not an Anaconda.

The dancer – as yet unidentified – was taken to a hospital in case she was infected after the reptile bit her during a run-through performance of Minaj’s new hit, “Anaconda.”

“It was just to make sure she was okay,” Capt. Rory Brunner of the fire department told the NY Daily News, adding that the snake scare “wasn’t that big of a deal” because it wasn’t venomous.

The snake was removed from the stage in a container.

It’s unclear if the awards show will still keep the snake in the live telecast.