Nicki Minaj performs at the VMAs

Nicki Minaj performs at the VMAs

*Nicki Minaj said her dress was unzipped during her performance at the VMAs because she didn’t have enough time to get ready, but TMZ calls BS on that, claiming “she pulled the same stunt during rehearsals.”

According to the website, eyewitnesses who watched Nicki’s rehearsal Sunday say she walked on stage wearing the same dress — unzipped. One eyewitness says it caught her eye because she initially thought Nicki had come out in a robe.

Nicki was wrapping her arms around the dress in a “weird” sort of way, trying to manipulate it to see how much would be exposed, witnesses told TMZ.

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And then there was this…

During rehearsal for her performance of “Anaconda,” a real 6-foot long anaconda that she was using as a prop bit one of her background dancers and was put in “time out” for the rest of the evening.

According to TMZ, MTV opted against using it for the live performance…lest it bite someone on live television.

When TMZ caught up with Nicki leaving a club in L.A. after the show, she said the bit dancer was actually up on stage with her, and appeared peeved that she wasn’t able to perform with the snake.

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