nicole & michael (not happy looking)

*Lawd hav’ mercy! The drama of it all.

OK, now a picture of the deteriorating situation between Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan is starting to develop.

Accordig to TMZ, Back in January Murphy got word that Strahan was holed up in a room at a hotel in Beverly Hills. With good reason, we suppose, she suspected him of being there with someone else and went nuts to the point where she got kicked off the premises.

Sources say Nicole had got word that Michael was staying at the Regent Beverly Hills Hotel on Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. The story goes she showed up at Michael’s hotel room, unannounced … and began banging on the door shortly before midnight, causing a major scene.

Witnesses claim Nicole was screaming Michael’s name, saying, “I know you’re in there with some bitch.” She also yelled, for all to hear, “It’s Michael from ‘Kelly and Michael’ in there.”

According to the report, the racket woke up several guests in neighboring rooms — some of whom stuck their heads out into the hallway. She ranted for 20 minutes before hotel security booted Nicole from the hotel.

The door never opened so no one really knows if Michael was in the room.