robin wiliams - danger

*As we reported earlier, Robin Williams died on Monday of an apparent suicide.  The Oscar award-winner was only 63 years old. A comic icon, Williams suffered for decades from substance abuse, alcoholism, clinical depression and bipolar disorder.

Professor Jay P. Singh is a Washington DC based expert on suicide, mental illness, research and treatment. The third generation American and CEO of the Global Institute of Forensic Research grew up in the U.S., received his PhD in Psychiatry from the University of Oxford and has served as Senior Clinical Researcher for the Swiss Department of Justice in Zurich as well as a clinical associate at Yale School of Medicine.

“Bipolar disorder is best understood as a medical disease characterized by “high highs” (mania) and “low lows” (depression),” states Singh. “This roller coaster can place individuals such as Mr. Williams at higher risk of problem behaviors such as self-harm and, in tragic cases such had this, suicide.”

Jay is an internationally recognized and award-winning researcher, author, and lecturer with extensive knowledge and expertise in severe mental illness, but like millions of others was also a Robin Williams fan.

“Robin Williams was an inspiration in his portrayal of mental healthcare professionals. From “Good Will Hunting” to “Awakenings,” he managed to capture the compassion and empathy that we all hope to share with our patients. His talent and smile will be missed by a generation.”

Singh believes that: “Access to appropriate medication and adherence to a routine medication schedule can significantly reduce the likelihood of suicide in individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This is important to understand for cases such as Mr. Williams who was known to go off his medications prior to comedy events to induce a manic state.”

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