Myesha Chaney

First Lady Myesha Chaney

*Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA Season 2” premieres TONIGHT, Wednesday, August 20 at 10pm E/P.

If you thought season one’s debut episode was good; you’ll definitely enjoy what the First Ladies have in store.  It may shock you, amaze you, but either way it’ll have you wanting more. Loretta Jones, girlfriend of Bishop Noel Jones informed EURweb associate, LaCora Stephens, “There is tension.

There is always tension between the ladies, but at the end of the day we always work it out.” You all recall the heat at the “Tea” last season, well hold on to your church hat because it’s guaranteed to be more drama, according to Loretta.

preachers of la dominique haddon

First Lady Dominique Haddon

Dominique Haddon speaks candidly about the backlash regarding her and Deitrick’s relationship and baby out of wedlock. When asked about the new family dynamic, she revealed the possibility of another baby…very soon.

Watch below to discover her “prophesy.” All the ladies looked so pretty. Dominique, shortly after giving birth to her second daughter looks great; you go girl!

Loretta and Christy looked amazing in their red, while LaVette’s jewel toned touch was elegant. But no one could steal the shine from First Lady Myesha Chaney.  She lost a whopping 35lbs and she looks beautiful!  She reveals her weight loss secrets as she rediscovered “that girl she lost back at 20.”

preachers of la ladies

EUR associate LaCora Stephens and First Lady LaVette Gibson

We all know LaVette is the wife of the “gangster savior”  Ron Gibson. And like her husband she stands firms in what she believes and, unlike her husband, will gently inform you without hesitation.

LaCora, asked how she managed the criticism from viewers and she politely said, “It’s not that the opinions of others are irrelevant, but you just need to know what’s right for you.” LaCora chimed in and said, “Or what’s relevant to God!” and she shouted a proud “AMEN!”

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