preachers of la - season2 cast

*Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA Season 2” premieres Wednesday, August 20 at 10pm ET/PT.

Our associate, LaCora Stephens, was there to speak to your favorite pastors and bishops! All were there on set for Oxygen’s hypefest, allowing EURweb to get exclusive interviews with all the pastors.

In case you’re wondering what this season will entail, brace yourself for a more diverse expression of all of the preachers. Pastor Wayne Chaney went as far to say that:

“You’re not ready. There’s a lot in store…this is last season on steroids!”

To begin, all the pastors, I repeat all of them; allow the cameras to go deeper into their families, ministries and relationships. Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta will continue the dance of commitment. According to Jones, “I went to therapy for me, not Loretta. I can’t be any good for her, if I’m not good for me.” LaCora asked if he was “good” for Loretta now, and his response may shock you. Watch the clip below.

The people, the viewers want to know the truth, they want more and Deitrick Haddon is always willing to share and sometimes throw things…if you saw the man-cave special hosted by Michelle Williams you know what we’re talking about. His transparency about his baby out of wedlock, divorce … everything, displayed bold transparency.

“I think season one was a great introduction, but now it’s time to turn-up. The purpose of the show is to show our humanity and the flip-side of ministry. It’s time to go in! P.O.L.A. will reveal something about my family that you would never think in a million years; it’s going to be good.”

Though most people thought Bishop McClendon wouldn’t return, he will be there in full force. An addition to his storyline involves his only daughter’s wedding. He and his wife Priscilla agreed that they will continue to do God’s will, whether you like it or not. First Lady Priscilla proudly stood by her man and said, “People really misunderstand my husband. He is charismatic, but behind closed doors, he’s an introvert.” Watch and see what else she had to say.

Ron Gibson, Haizlip & Chaney all battle family issues, victories and/or struggles with fellow cast members. We were privy to view the premiere episode and one confrontation in particular will blow your mind.

Our favorite docu-series is impacting lives with extreme excitement! Don’t miss how “Preacher’s of LA” will deal with saving other churches, touch people in difficult times, help indigenous people…just a consortium of wonderful things. Pastor Haizlip guaranteed that it will be on a whole new level. Watch the interview below. For more info, please visit: