Not the real Nibbles

Not the real Nibbles

*Dang, talk about one mean a** neighbor.

Apparently, after the barking dogs got on his last nerve, Robert Hamme of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was so fed up he took the time to prep pieces of meat and threw it over his neighbors’ fence so that the dogs would eat it.

When James Stotts discovered his 14-year-old dog, Nibbles, would not eat or drink over a period of days, he did not know why; so he took the beagle to the vet. But the dog suffered from an extreme blockage that required an expensive surgery he couldn’t afford so he had to have the animal humanly euthanized as a result.

It wasn’t until Stotts went back home and checked his other dog, that he realized this was no accident. He reached into the dog’s mouth and located what turned out to be a piece of a razor blade. Then he searched the yard, and found two more pieces of meat that had razor blades and small nails.

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