mike brown

*Here’s some welcome news out of Ferguson Missouri.

Later today, the police department in that beleaguered city plan to release the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown last Saturday, a shooting that sparked days of clashes in the streets of the St. Louis suburb.

Chief Thomas Jackson told ABC News that authorities will meet later this morning to figure out the best way to release the officer’s name. Police previously declined to identify the officer due to safety concerns.

“This has been a fluid situation,” Jackson told ABC News. “We’re learning and we’re moving forward.”

As has been reported, Ferguson faced four consecutive nights of violence and riots following the weekend shooting death of Brown, 18. According to eye-witnesses, Brown, who was unarmed, had his hands raised when he was fatally wounded.

Peaceful protests followed Thursday, after Governor Jay Nixon essentially replaced  local and county police – many wearing riot gear – with state highway patrol troopers. Captain Ron Johnson, the leader of the highway patrol, walked side-by-side with demonstrators Thursday.

“This is my community. A lot of people I saw walking in this march are people that I know,” Johnson said. “So the old saying, I’ve got a dog in this fight, I’ve got a big dog in this fight,” Johnson said.