Alexander Proctor, general manager, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

Alexander Proctor, general manager, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

*Don’t call him a salesman. Alexander Proctor is in the business of building relationships with his customers.

“The relationship does not stop at the cash register,” Proctor declares. “We want to create a positive experience for customers that last long after they purchase their items.”

That viewpoint inspired the managers of Jared Galleria of Jewelry to tap the Tampa, Florida native to lead a few of their store. As general manager, Proctor is charged to manage a staff and develop a presence for the company’s Pembroke Pines, Florida location.

“To a great extent, I consider myself to be an ambassador of my company,” he says. “I want to nurture and develop my staff and make Jared’s an active member of the community.”

He adds: “We really want to invite the entire community to be a part of the Jared family.”

Proctor says he feels he “was meant” to share life, love and success with his customers.

“I’ve always appreciated the fact that people choose to commemorate their anniversaries, engagements or new success in life with us,” he shares. “I am committed to making those experiences positive for our customers.”

He draws inspiration from his humble beginnings.

“Despite being raised on government cheese and subsided housing, I was raised in a home where we were taught that our future was not determined by our environment or economic circumstances,” he recalls. “I learned that you can do anything, if you had the focus, faith, and drive necessary to accomplish your dreams.”

These experiences shaped his business philosophy. He admits that he is cultivating an “inclusive environment” where customers are the priority.

The ambitious Proctor is focused on making his franchise the best performing store in the country. He shared his tips for creating incredible customer experiences.

Service with a Smile

 “No one should go into your business and feel like there are being ignored or are not welcomed. We greet all customers with a smile, eye contact, a warm handshake and sincerity.  You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.”

Continue the Relationship

“Develop a real interest in your customer. I want to know about my customers’ children, their anniversaries and special events. I want to call them and remind them to maintain their jewelry and invite them to our special events.”

Extend the Experience

 “While customers are shopping, we want to suggest a cup of coffee or offer to clean their jewelry. I want them to know that we offer in-store financing and replace diamonds in certain circumstances. We want the customers be comfortable and feel appreciated.”

Beyond business, Proctor is happily married to Cheryl. Their family includes two daughters, Sheron and Alecsys. He attributes his success and demeanor to his wife.

“My wife was an absolute godsend to me. She has helped me to become more focused than ever,” he says. “Having a stable home life helps out a great deal.”

He revealed that his home life gives him a competitive advantage.

“People buy diamonds because they are falling in love,” he adds. “I could not be a good salesman, if I was not in love. I hope my customers have the same kind of love and partnership that I’m blessed with.”

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins is the Associated Press award-winning host/producer of the Rinkins Report and senior editor of Legacy Magazine. Find out more at or on Twitter @RinkinsReport and Facebook @RinkinsReport