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*Do you make a value-adding impact on your job? If not, get busy! Working in today’s competitive workplace forces many employees to prove their worth.

Here are a few tips that will help you indispensable in any work environment.

Master Your Job – The first thing you must do is master all of your job’s responsibilities. Get so good that your boss starts to trust anything with your name on it. You have about 90 days to accomplish this feat. You can’t complain that you don’t know certain tasks after three months on the job. Now, you have to demonstrate your job mastery to the decision-makers. But, don’t be a show off. Then, add to your skills.

Learn Other Skills – Start learning additional skills and responsibilities associated with your job. Start with fellow co-workers and then your immediate supervisor. You must manage this task in a non-treading, subtle manner. You don’t want it to appear like you are trying to muscle out your colleagues. You are just trying to make the team better.

Be Likable – Nobody wants to work or promote someone with a bad attitude. Or, someone who can’t get along with people. This behavior is unproductive and doesn’t generate business. Create a personal connection by showing curiosity in your co-workers and client’s interest. That personal connection will earn you more business and promotion opportunities.

Become a Solution – Show confidence in yourself and your abilities by offering solutions to challenges. Step up to the plate when someone else can’t. Offer ideas at meetings that will optimize resources and performance. Branding yourself as a solution yields huge dividends.

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins is the Associated Press award-winning host/producer of the Rinkins Report. Find out more at or on Twitter @RinkinsReport and Facebook @RinkinsReport

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