strahan & murphy (leaving restaurant)

*Hmm, so what do we have here?

It looks like Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy may be headed towards coupledom again.

Strahan and Murphy met up at South Beverly Grill in Beverly Hills, where they had lunch together on Thursday. They must’ve enjoyed each other and the grub ’cause when it was over,  they walked out of the place arm-in-arm.

As one source put it, they would “like to work things out.” While Murphy had kind remarks about Strahan on their way out of South Beverly Grill, Strahan endured questions from a TMZ rep, who asked the morning show personality “Who paid for lunch?”

So let the reunion rumors begin. After all, the sources note that there’s “a possibility” that Strahan and Murphy could be a loving pair again, in light of them still having love for each other. Plus, we have to admit, they do look good together.

To see footage of Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy at South Beverly Grill and hear what she had to say about the former NFL star, check out the TMZ video below:

(If you can’t see the above video om your mobile device, click here.)