*TLC‘s T-Boz is passionate about female singers not having to take their clothes off to sell records.

Therefore, the raspy-voiced lead singer of TLC is creating her own girl group — one she said will sell without selling sex!

TheGrio reported T-Boz launched the TBozProjectNext in order to find ladies between the ages of 18-24 to be part of the next superstar girl group.

She’s allowing fans to submit a video — no more than 3 minutes long — of themselves singing and rapping… with their clothes on.

“It’s clear that you can sell albums without selling sex,” T-Boz said. “I don’t have a problem with people who want to do that. I just said if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It’s a choice. [TLC] is living proof that you can sell.”

She added, “Wendy Williams made a comment recently regarding TLC’s ability to sell record with our clothes on. I think she said ‘that was the 90’s.’ Well to help her and to correct her statement… It’s not just the 90’s, because I’m still selling out tours. I’m selling out shows and tours with the same songs.”

She opened up about Project Next and her vision for the next superstar girl group.

“It’s called Project Next. I thought that would be a great name because there’s always a person or a hot group… and then here come the next. I think it’s time for somebody to come out with another girl group. I think the industry is missing real superstars.”

She added, “Beyoncé has staying power, and there are certain ones that stand out and are truly superstars. Being a celebrity these days and being popular isn’t the same thing as being like Michael Jackson, Madonna or Janet Jackson. What I’m looking for is true raw talent.”

Nevertheless, this project isn’t TLC’s project. Although, Chilli is welcomed to join.

“I doubt it. If she wants to come and join or if she wants to add input that’s totally fine with me. But this is actually my team. My brother and I have an endeavor called iCraftMusicGroup and this is our group.”

And with that being said, T-Boz would never call the girl group she’s creating exactly like TLC — she’s not trying to re-create the 90s R&B/hip-hop girl group.

“I would never call anybody the next TLC, because I don’t think I could do TLC again if I tried to do myself all over again. That was just something unique and special in itself. I think I can take elements that made TLC successful and use those elements in this group.”

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Watch T-Boz’s Instagram promoting the project below: