talib kweli

*Socially-conscious rapper Talib Kweli has remained active in Ferguson, Mo. after Mike Brown was gunned by a police officer more than two weeks ago.

Recently, as we reported, Kweli let CNN anchor Don Lemon have it — calling out lack thereof accurate media coverage and Lemon not addressing him (giving him courtesy) prior to the interview.

But according to the Huffington Post, Kweli is staying focused on what’s happening on the ground of Ferguson.

“Martin Luther King, as peaceful as he was, I think he agreed with ‘No Justice, No Peace.’ And you don’t put peace above justice. You can’t do that,” Kweli said.

He added, “we’re getting killed out here in these streets. We cannot afford to put peace above justice. We work towards peace, that’s the end goal, but it’s about organization, it’s about strategy, it’s about tactics, it’s about unifying people who are like minded and making sure that we’re all moving with one movement.”

Kweli wants black folks to understand the importance of not calming down after what happened a couple of weeks ago. He wants everyone to be reminded of what could happen and why important’s to remain active.

“When you talk about the generational gap, it’s spot on. In my experience, you have black men out there with megaphones with the police whispering in their ear, working with the police, telling people to calm down. It’s not about calming down.”

He added, ‘We don’t need to calm down right now. We don’t need to be comfortable. Everybody needs to be uncomfortable. And it’s our job to make sure that people are reminded of that.”