Tamron Hall choked up

*A segment hit close to home Monday for “Today” co-host Tamron Hall.

The NBC and MSNBC personality was brought to tears this morning during a segment that was part of her 2014 campaign to raise awareness about victims of domestic violence…an issue she believes took the life of her sister.

After a video aired that showed Hall interviewing several female survivors of domestic violence, she was overtaken by emotion and unable to continue the segment. Matt Lauer momentarily took over, and she was then able to explain how these powerful women have inspired her.

“I cry, of course, when you hear these details,” she said. “But my tears are also inspirational, because they are there, they are fighters, and they now … want to help someone else.”

Watch below:

Hall lost her sister in 2004 to an apparent case of domestic abuse. Last year, she opened up to TCA critics about her sister’s murder and said that she has regrets about not doing more to help her.

Hall wrote about the challenges of discussing her sister’s ordeal. In a blog post published Monday for “Today,” she admitted that she was afraid to speak out at first because she thought she “would be seen as exploiting the problem.” It wasn’t until very recently, she wrote, that she decided to take action.

“I have felt guilty for so long that I didn’t do more to help my sister,” she wrote. “My father, who died soon after my sister of what my mother believes was a broken heart, said of his children that I was the child who ‘was always for right.’ Yet I have felt so ‘wrong’ since her death.”