*When I was little, I prayed that if God blessed me to become a mom, I only wanted boys (out popped a girl).  Girls are tough.

You got to deal with tangled hair, horny boys and protecting her from the likes of Nicki Minaj‘s music.

nicki minaj (anaconda)

I just wasted over four minutes of my life watching Minaj’s newly released garbage video, “Anaconda” (see it HERE). If the song — which heavy-handedly samples Sir Mixx Alot’s “Baby Got Back” — is nominated for “Most Misogynistic Tripe Ever Released by a Female Artist” at next year’s Grammys … it’s got my vote.  Several booty-ful dancers grace a jungle-themed set featuring the latest in twerkography.  There’s twerking on bamboo, vines, tiki bars, gym equipment, each other, and Drake … oh wait, I said bamboo already.  It’s every sexualized image you can envision blended together in a desperate tactic to keep Minaj’s career afloat.

You know it’s bad when men are saying she’s gone too far.  In fact, I wasn’t going to even waste my time with this, until I kept seeing finger-wagging from several men on my newsfeed, starting with this open letter from the founder of allhiphop.com.   Sadly, it doesn’t matter.  Sex sells, and that’s all Nicki’s got left.  This song is completely devoid of lyrical talent, but you wouldn’t know that if you follow the directions of many of those tweeting to just watch it on mute.

This is not a fight against our sexiness, as much as it is against contempt for women.  Minaj is beautiful, yet has fallen prey to the same trap like many of her predecessors.  Talent grabs our attention, but bartering with the devil sustains it.  In ten years, I would pay the price of admission to watch Minaj come to terms with the legacy she’s leaving in her wake.  As long as she stays the current course, I predict that as the spotlight fades, and the silicone morphs, the years of self-degradation will haunt her for how she’ll be remembered as an artist, and a woman.  That promises to be a painful process for her.

Ultimately, the success of this project doesn’t fall on the rapper, but on the shoulders of parents to her fan base.  Consisting mostly of young girls known as “Barbies,” if mom and dad don’t censor this song on their daughters’ playlist, it won’t matter.  If aunties and grandmas don’t boycott what the industry force feeds our girls, we’ve flopped, not Nicki.  We are making too many strides empowering our girls to know their self-worth to turn back now.

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