Full Force is Back with Star Studded Album
*Great talent doesn’t die off or get old, and Full Force has proven that going into their 3rd decade of making and producing music with a new album, “Full Force: With Love from Our Friends.” This six member group is still standing tall with Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou, B-Fine, Curt-T-T, J-R and Baby Gerry rounding out its membership.

“Well, I would say my health journey was the propeller [for this album],” said Full Force’s Paul Anthony in an exclusive interview with EURweb.com’s Lee Bailey. Anthony just went into remission from a battle with Mantle Cell Lymphoma (cancer). “I’d say the engine was that Lou had the brain-trust to want to do a project like this, and then, as we continued on it sort of evolved into shape, but initially, we wanted to do a ‘Quincy Jones’ type project.”

Although not always in the front of the mic, the group’s members have been very active behind the mixing boards, collaborating with many artists in their illustrious career as a group. Prince, Patti LaBelle, James Brown, and Selena are just a few of the artist that have tapped Full Force’s talent pool. A few of the more popular songs are ‘I wonder if I take You Home,’ and ‘All Cried Out’ with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and ‘Roxanne Roxanne’ produced for classic rap group U.T.F.O.

When we think of Full Force, we think of a group of super buff dudes with Jheri Curls and their chests out, similar to the antagonists they played in Kid’N’Play’s 1990 movie ‘House Party.’ Those burly exteriors covered up a surplus of musical talent that is still as relevant today, as it was back in the late 80s.

Reemerging in the 2014 music scene with a new album, ‘Full Force: With Love From Our Friends,’ Full Force is back with a new sound that they hope will be as widespread as their 1990 funky dance hit, “Aint My Type of Hype.” They seem to be making all the right moves by tagging the talents of Faith Evans, Big Daddy Kane, Howard Hewett, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Najee and Shiela E, just to name a few.

Listen to some sample cuts from “Full Force: With Love from Our Friends”:

“To get these artist together,” explained Bowlegged Lou, “like a Tevin Campbell, and whenever we tell people, ‘Oh, we got Tevin Campbell,’ they go, ‘Man, Tevin Campbell? Where did you get him?’ I said, ‘Yeah, we got Shanice.’ ‘Wow, Shanice, where did you get her?’ And I’m like, ‘Where did we get them? They have been here all this time.’ They have always been doing their thing, it’s that we have got to market and promote our own. Sometimes the industry will look upon the past and get amnesia, and we shouldn’t do that.”

“I am honored to be a part of this project which is for a great cause but it is also me getting a chance to work with one of my musical heroes,” stated Grammy Award winning producer, Raphael Saadiq. Saadiq worked on the song titled ‘Your Love Makes Me High,’ that features him and Shanice.

The new album features a remake of the classic ‘Roxanna Roxanne’ titled ‘Roxanne Roxanne (The New Chapter)’that features the rapper, Roxanne Shante, herself.

“I’m very close with Bowlegged Lou,” explained Shante. “We have worked together on a few projects. He had said, ‘If I ever do ‘Roxanne Roxanne’ over again, I’d love for you to be a part of it.’ And I said, ‘Oh, okay, so now you really want me to be a part of it, but you came up with your own ‘Roxanne’ years ago.’ He said, ‘There’s always gonna be just one Roxanne, and that’s you.’”

In the remake, Shante plays the mother of a daughter that the next generation of Full Force is trying to date. “It’s almost like having one of their sons come to me and ask permission in order to date Roxanne,” adds Shante, “It’s truly age appropriate.”

Check out this must see promo video with Full Force,Tisha Campbell Martin and Sheila E:

Definitely having a gospel feel to it, the members of Full Force seem to be moving away from the sexualized sound of the late 90’s and moving towards a more mature sound with tracks like ‘From These Lips To God’s Ear’ a track featuring Regina Belle, Howard Hewett, Cheryl Pepsii Riley & The God Good Choir and ‘I Feel Good, I Look Good, I’m God Good’ featuring Faith Evans with Sheila E. & The God Good Choir & Children.

“Lee Bailey, was the first journalist that I told about this project in its infantile stages,” says Bowlegged Lou. “We were big fans of Quincy Jones’ ‘Back on the Block,’ and he had tons of people on that album. The thing about it was that [there was] no one genre of music. He mixed Hip Hop with Melle Mell, Kool Mo Dee and even Shaquille O’Neal. They were on ‘Back on the Block’ as well as Tamia, Brandy, Elle Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Tevin Campbell, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan…We followed suit, but we did it with allot of classic artists. We just want to make sure to let people know that these artists are artists that are truthful artists. I can’t even call them ‘old school,’ I gonna always call them ‘true-school’ and that why this album is called ‘Full Forces All-Star True-School Album.’ ‘True-school’ means to me, back in the day of the essence of true music, because the music was always the truth to me. Not saying that today’s music is not true, but I gotta speak to our era of music, of how we were raised from the 80s and the 90s was true, true music for me.”

“To have Tevin Campbell on the album is an honor and that idea came from Jeff James, who is an executive at Sony Legacy,” explained Lou. “We also dedicate [the new album] to our brother Paul Anthony, cancer champion, and his initiative is also great. Paul called this his ‘musical rebirth,’ because he was a beast as we were making this record.”

For more information about Full Force or to purchase a digital download of the album, ‘Full Force: With Love from Our Friends,’ go to www.fullforceworld.com.