Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw

*The two opposing accounts of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri played out across cable news last night – with Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson on Fox giving his second-hand account of the incident, and two eyewitnesses to the shooting telling a vastly different story to CNN.

Jackson reiterated to Fox’s Sean Hannity that Brown struggled with his killer inside the cop’s vehicle before trying to take the officer’s gun. However, the two new eyewitnesses told CNN that Jackson was never inside of the vehicle, and that the gun fired as the officer was trying to pull Brown toward the car.

During Hannity’s five minute interview, he asked Jackson if he knew “for a fact” that the purported “struggle” between Brown and the policeman who killed him resulted in a shot being fired inside the cop’s vehicle. Jackson’s response was “It was, yes.”

Hannity: You said, in fact, the officer was injured, had a facial wound of some kind, and that, in fact, a struggle ensued over the officer’s weapon, and a shot was actually fired inside the car. Why is there such a dramatically different story being told here?

Jackson: Well Sean, unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until all the witnesses have been interviewed and all the forensic evidence has been examined before we’re going to have a real, true picture of what happened that day.

Hannity: It… well, either a shot was fired inside the police officer’s car, or it was not. Do we know for a fact, do you know for a fact—

Jackson: It was, yes.

Hannity: That is a fact, then. So, there was a struggle for the gun—

Jackson: That is a fact.

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About 20 minutes later, Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw, two new witnesses to Brown’s murder, were interviewed on CNN by Don Lemon and Aliysn Camerota. Lemon and Camerota asked Mitchell and Crenshaw if they saw Brown struggle with the officer inside the car, as Jackson claimed. They responded with affirmative denials.

Camerota: Did you ever see a moment where Michael was in the police car?

Crenshaw: No, ma’am.

Don Lemon: Because that’s what police are saying, that they were in the police car and there was a tussle… inside the police car. And at no time—and I know that you weren’t there from the very beginning, Piaget or Tiffany—but at no time did you see Michael Brown in the car?

Both: No, not at all.

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The accounts by Crenshaw and Mitchell, saying no struggle took place between Brown and the cop inside the vehicle, mirrors the TV interviews from Dorian Johnson, the only other witness to speak to the press, and the only person with Brown from the moment the officer first approached the pair.