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*Once again, Joan Rivers has attracted attention for her controversial views on celebrities. Only this time, it’s another celebrity who has a problem with the 81-year-old funnywoman.

Media sources report that Rivers is on the bad side of original Village People member Victor Willis, who is calling for a boycott of her TV show “Fashion Police.”

Willis’ problem with the comedienne resulted after Rivers went in on Justin Bieber last Friday during an episode of her show “Fashion Police.” Commenting on Bieber’s attire – which consisted of a purple, graffiti-design, Alexander McQueen sweater, baggy, black leather pants with a leather wrap, a black hat, a gold chain and white sneakers – started things off by calling the pop star a “little b*tch” that “just gets on my nerves.”

“You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white,” she said.

River’s “big black thug” comment was enough to get a reaction from Willis, who feels the host crossed over in to “racist” territory with what she said, In addition, the singer mentioned that Rivers has a history saying disrespecting people with racial remarks.

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Fed up with Rivers and her unique commentary, Willis brought the clip of her “Fashion Police” views on Bieber to his Twitter and Facebook pages on Sunday. Along with the video, the 63-year-old entertainer, who was the “traffic cop” in the Village People, posted the following caption, urging his fans to condemn Rivers by speaking out against her questionable views.

“What Joan Rivers Said Is No Laughing Matter! It’s Racist! And She Has A History Of This. Time To Shut Her Down! What Say You?” Willis posted.

Rivers is no stranger to attracting outrage. The funny lady is known for offending everyone from Jews, to black people to the gay community with offensive racial and ethnic slurs. Other celebs who recently received less than flattering feedback from Rivers include Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan.

Meanwhile, old lady Rivers has put her foot in her mouth again. This time regarding the Israel-Gaza war. TMZ caught up with her at LAX and she doubled down on her now infamous rant about Israel defending itself … by screaming she doesn’t want to hear about civilian casualties. She has zero sympathy for the Palestinian civilians who are receiving the brunt of Israeli fire power which has killed close to 2000 according to a BBC report. As far as she’s concered they all deserve to die.

“They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead.”

Click here to SEE her hateful, despicable diatribe.